Student Health

Many students, away from home for the first time, struggle to find the right solution for a health issue. Lack of information can result in:

  • Simply not knowing what is available, and where;
  • Late care, by which time a problem may have become worse; or 
  • Use of inappropriate care facilities, such as turning up at Accident and Emergency (A&E) with a non-urgent problem.

Mediloc8's Student Health Apps, tailored to an individual University or College, help new and existing students to find out what is the most appropriate form of health care for them.  The app also allows students to access advice in a private setting, saving the potential embarrassment of asking friends, who in any case may not know the right answer.

The right solution for Universities, University Health providers and Primary Care Trusts

By providing Students with the right information:

  • Universities and Colleges provide a healthier and happier environment for their Students.
  • University Health providers increase Student Registration and access, and provide a better quality of care to their Students.
  • Primary Care Trusts benefit through reduced calls on inappropriate healthcare - more than £100 per wasted visit to A&E.

Modular, low cost tailoring

Mediloc8's core Student Health app is designed to provide a menu of the heath care options open to Students. This menu, and the contents of the information pages, can be quickly tailored to the needs of an individual University or College, either by use of scripts provided by the Health Centre, or offering pre-populated scripts for Health Centre approval.  Please contact us for further information.


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