Primary Care

The challenge in modern healthcare is to help patients make informed choices as to the most appropriate healthcare for their needs with maximum speed and efficiency, both for patients themselves, and for healthcare providers.

A wealth of health information exists, such as the excellent NHS Choices website, but the very comprehensiveness of these databases often leaves patients bewildered. Such information is also tailored to PC access, and is difficult for patients to interrogate from a mobile, which may be their primary option in a busy working day.

At the same time, mobile health apps have often been organised from the perspective of health providers, assuming that the patient already knows which provider they want. 

Providing Patients with mobile choices to suit their health needs

Mediloc8's Primary Care apps, aimed at local healthcare providers, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and individual GP practices, are designed from a patient perspective, and prioritise the key health concerns that patients are likely to have. Within the geographical area of a CCG, patients will be able to select their own GP practice and local healthcare providers, and get advice on how best to engage with local healthcare for common health concerns. Within this framework, a GP practice can have its own individual web app which integrates its services with the wider CCG service provision, and such features as online prescriptions. 

Modular, low cost tailoring

Mediloc8's core Primary Care app is designed to provide a menu of the heath care options open to patients. This menu, and the contents of the information pages, can be quickly tailored to the needs of an individual provider, either by use of scripts provided by the provider, or offering pre-populated scripts for Health Centre approval.  Please contact us for further information.

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