The right information - when patients need it

Right for Patients

An increasingly mobile-connected, time-poor patient population is looking for accurate and timely information on their healthcare choices.

Excellent health information sources, such as NHS Choices, are not mobile-friendly and can confuse patients in the wealth of data they provide. Existing healthcare apps tend to be too provider-driven, with limited choices and poor patient advice on who to choose (often no more than where they are rather than what they do). 

Mediloc8's apps, tailored for Student, Primary or Secondary Healthcare needs, provide busy patients with the information they need on access to healthcare options for a range of health issues.

Right for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare choices are becoming ever more varied, with increasing opportunities for self-referral to local and national services. There is therefore a need to ensure patients are provided with effective choices for their most frequent concerns. Better mobile information and access will help  influence the right health choices for health issues of key concern to patients and healthcare providers. 

Low-cost modular design

Mediloc8's core apps for Student, Primary and Secondary healthcare are designed to provide a menu of the health care issues of concern to the target patient population. This menu, and the contents of the information pages, can be quickly tailored to the needs of an individual healthcare provider, either by use of scripts provided by the provider, or offering pre-populated scripts for provider approval. 

Our apps have been developed as native apps for Apple iOS and Android, and we have also produced HTML5 web apps.

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